All American Recycling Corp. is a family owned business with a historyof close to 100 years experience in the recycling field.  AARC is an intergraded processor of recyclable material primarily focusing on paper as well as plastic and metal which processes in excess of 20,000 tons per monthThe current configuration of AARC started approximately 15 years ago.  AARC’s customer base runs the gamut from small companies to large municipalities, multi-location commercial operations as well as the elite printers, bindery’s and distribution centers throughout the tri-state area.

Each location is different and should be evaluated to determine the best possible way to try and eliminate any waste going to a landfill.  Someone from our sales team is eager to come out to you and give a FREE recycling evaluation of your facility.  We at AARC are continuously teaching companies an unforeseen outlet for a number of materials in their own facilities that do NOT need to go to landfills and are products to be recycled. 

All of these different grades of recyclable materials can be picked up by the option that best fits your needs.  AARC has a fleet of Packer trucks, Roll-offs, Trailers and Straight Trucks.AARC owns many different waste removal machinery that can be installed in your facility. 
Such items include balers (down stroke or horizontal), compactors (self-contained or stationary) and trailers to be staged.  No matter what, AARC will find a way to best satisfy your recycling needs