While AARC has the ability and experience to handle large companies and the related demands they bring, it prides itself on the fact that the owners are just a
telephone call away. AARC is run by its owners who are hands-on operators as well as a management staff with years of experience in the recycling industry.

Maximizing Profits for Customers
It is AARC’s primary goal to provide its customers with the ability to maximize its profits in its recycling efforts. AARC believes in entering a partnership with its customers whereby the customer’s employee’s work with AARC so both companies benefit from recycling as much as possible at each location. Our methodology includes four primary strategies:

Education/Recycling Audit

Product grading on site

Certified scale weight



It has been AARC’s experience that education is crucial in maximizing the profits to be generated by its customers. AARC’s personnel meet with its
 customers to explain what recyclables should be separated into which grades
and how to best separate the recyclables to eliminate as many contaminants as possible, with the goal of increasing the value of the recyclables. AARC’s customer service personnel conduct quarterly Audits with its customers to insure the maximum recycling goals are maintained which in term will maximize profits to its customers.                                                       

The second strategy employed by AARC is product grading on site.
AARC grades the type of recyclable (i.e. paper, plastic, etc.) at each location to insure there is no confusion or disputes regarding the type of recyclable being collected. Suggestions are made at each location to improve the quality of the recyclable grade.                                               

The third strategy is certified scale weights. AARC has a certified
scale at its recycling facility, which precisely tells its customers the exact weight of the customers’ recyclables to insure they are paid for every pound of product being recycled.

The final strategy concerns pricing. AARC ties its pricing formulas into nationally
recognized recycling publications i.e., Fiber Market News and Official Board Markets (aka The Yellow Sheet). By pricing in this manner, customers
know exactly what they will be receiving for their recyclables on a monthly basis
rather than leaving it up to someone’s discretion. In most cases, AARC also guarantees floor prices, which protect its customers in a depressed market.

Certificates of Destruction
AARC provides certificates of destruction to its customers for any confidential documents.

 Method/Timing of Reimbursement
AARC pays its customers for their recyclable materials by check within 30 days from the end of the month.

Resolution of Problems
Any problems regarding pickups of recyclable materials
are directed to AARC’s dispatch office at (201) 656-3363. Any pricing questions can be directed to Mr. Vincent M. Ponte, President and owner, Mr. Vincent F. Ponte, Vice President and owner or William Gannon, GeneralManager. As is apparent, AARC’s customers do not have to go through several layers of management to get a problem resolved. Customers can deal directly with an owner at the outset to insure quick resolution of any problem, which may arise.