All American Recycling Corp. (AARC) is an integrated processor of recyclable material primarily focusing on paper as well as plastic and metal, which processes in excess of 20,000 tons/month. The shareholders of AARC have over fifty years of combined recycling experience and are the third generation of recyclers whose companies and experience date back to the early 1900s. The current configuration of AARC was started approximately fourteen years ago and began as a one truck operator with a handful of accounts. AARC concentrates primarily on paper, plastic, commingled material and single stream recyclables.

AARC’s customer base runs the gamut from small companies to large municipalities and multi-locational commercial operations.AARC collects all grades of paper including, office paper, white ledger, coated sulfite, corrugated and all grades of newspaper. AARC recycles all plastic grades including plastic film, bottles and hard plastic.  AARC recycles various grades of metal including aluminum cans. In keeping with the latest trends in recycling, AARC is also equipped to process single stream recyclables.

AARC services its accounts with its own fleet of twenty tractors,
rolloffs and packer trucks as well as over one hundred trailers. AARC’s services are not limited to picking up recyclables from customers. AARC’s customer service personal consult with each potential customer, conduct a walk-through of the customer’s facility and then devises a recycling plan. The plan will detail the most efficient manner of handling the customer’s recyclables, which may include on-site balers, compactor boxes or blower systems. AARC arranges for the installation of all equipment to provide a turnkey recycling operation for its customers.

The recyclables are received at AARC’s Class A recycling facility in New Jersey where they are sorted into specific grades, baled and then sold to paper mills, plastic and metal remanufacturers.In addition to the recyclables from AARC’s customer base, AARC also receives recyclables from other recycling companies who choose to use AARC’s facility as their primary recycling destination. AARC’s recycling facility operates 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. AARC employs approximately 130 people.